Peggy’s Warm Your Bones and Heart Beverage

Peggy’s Warm Your Bones and Heart Beverage

Originally posted in 406 Woman Magazine
Your favorite red wine (any will do but Cabernet as it is too dry)
Fresh oranges, lemons, thyme, cinnamon, nutmeg
Medium to large stock pot (or a crock pot)

Simply warm the wine and make sure to keep a back up bottle. Slice the orange and lemon to use only four slices at first. Add one thyme twig, cinnamon stick, and dash of nutmeg. We will continue to add ingredients as needed. Do not let simmer. Only keep warm letting the ingredients mix for a half hour before serving. Using a ladle, serve in your favorite mugs and enjoy with family, friends, and neighbors.

Winter is a season to be welcomed and a time to slow down to enjoy busy summer friends. Take this time to explore recipes, organize your pantry, and bring out those Holiday dishes that are only used once a year. We will you a wonderful New Year and Happy Winter from John’s Angels Catering! Let’s go to the Islands next…



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