John’s BBQ Swordfish

John’s BBQ Swordfish

Originally posted in 406 Woman Magazine
We have our amazing veggies done, so it’s time to BBQ some swordfish. If you are grilling a more dainty fish (such as Tilapia), you may want to lay a sheet of tin foil down and place the fish on top to prevent sticking. You can also completely encase the fish with the foil to create a steaming method. Make sure to add olive oil and seasoning to bring flavor to your fish. Since Swordfish is a hardy fish, it can go directly on the grill.

John’s BBQ Swordfish (a family favorite)

Swordfish filets (6-8oz)
Olive oil
Real butter
Fresh lemons
Salt and pepper

Make sure your swordfish is fresh and truly swordfish. Some places will try to substitute shark. The best source is your local fishmonger. Rub both sides with the olive oil on a baking sheet for easy transport. Squeeze your lemon on one side adding a pat of butter, salt, and pepper (lemon pepper is a very flavorful addition). Make sure your grill is up to a good 400 degrees. Place the filets on the grill with the seasoned side up. Wait at least 10 minutes or until the one side is not sticking – do not force. Flip to the other side and brush on your BBQ sauce (see recipe below). The best way to test doneness is to use a fork in the center of the fish. If there is no resistance, take the filets off of the grill. Serve with warm BBQ sauce and fresh lemon wedges. Watch your guests as they are blown away with your July 4th barbecue.



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