Fresh Apple Parfait

Fresh Apple Parfait

Originally in 406 Woman Magazine
(the fast version)
Apples of your choice
Brown sugar
Apple brandy (optional)
Heavy whipping cream
Ground allspice
Ground cinnamon
Graham crackers

Slice your apples into wedges, not too thick then put in a sauté pan. Over medium heat add brown sugar, a sprinkle of ground allspice and ground cinnamon. Stir together and let cook until thickened with soft caramelized apples. You can add a tablespoon of apple brandy to really wow up the flavor for the adults. Let cool completely. Whip up the cream until soft peaks form. Adding a bit of sugar as your whipping creates a sweeter flavor. Find some fun parfait cups or one big one for all to share. Start with a layer of crushed graham crackers, and then add your apple mixture followed by a layer of whipped cream. Continue this until your final layer is the whipped cream. Top with a sprinkle of cinnamon then dig in!

Enjoy the season and always keep the recipes your own. As you are cooking, remember to taste, taste, taste (not with the same spoon). This way you are creating your own versions of classics or modern culinary delights. Keep your pantry organized with current dates for products. Just because it is fall, does not mean you cannot find excellent local products. Do not be afraid to search out new sources and ask for help. Food knowledge is key to creating the best, healthy, delicious recipes. Happy Holidays from the staff of John’s Angels Catering!



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