Easy, Kicked-Up Bruschetta

Easy, Kicked-Up Bruschetta

by Kristen Ledyard-Owner/Executive Chef of John’s Angels Catering LLC on 03/16/13


Extra virgin olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Red pepper flakes
1 tsp or to taste Minced or fresh garlic
2 anchovy fillets
3or4 fresh tomatoes
(heirloom if you have them)
Fresh basil
Crusty bread
Parmesan cheese (in the block)
¼ tsp. Fresh black pepper

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Slice your crusty bread and place on a baking sheet. Brush with olive oil and bake until slightly browned. If you have a fresh garlic clove, rub it on the slices on one side when they come out of the oven. It will add more depth of flavor. Then set aside to cool. In a bowl, combine diced tomatoes, garlic, chopped fresh basil, and fresh black pepper. Take a fork and make a paste with your anchovy fillets by mashing. This is an optional ingredient and may be left out. Just add a touch of salt to your mixture to replace the salt component in the anchovy. Now, fold everything together. Drizzle olive oil and half that amount of balsamic vinegar. Fold again. With a large spoon, place the bruschetta topping on your slices of bread. Top with red pepper flake to taste. Take a vegetable peeler and peel off slices of Parmesan cheese to finish. You have a fresh tasty summer treat for your guests with not much hassle. Be sure not to give out your secret recipe!



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