Chef Kris’s Grilled Farm Fresh Vegetables

Chef Kris’s Grilled Farm Fresh Vegetables

Originally posted in 406 Woman Magazine
Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or carnivore, the barbeque (BBQ) is a staple for any season. A BBQ is especially enjoyed as our short summer season comes into full heat. What other meal can bring family, friends, and business partners together to promote the true sense of team? Not only is a BBQ a celebration but also it truly brings out the best in all foods prepared. Let’s investigate the wonderful world of BBQ as it can satisfy the pickiest of eaters to the biggest pork lover.

Summer is my favorite season in the Flathead, as all of the vegetables come to life, ready for the grill or smoker. Our local Farmer’s Markets and Organic Farms are a perfect place to source the best quality. Be sure to ask for the freshest vegetables in season. Vegetables can also include kale, radicchio, bok choy, and other hardy greens that grill perfectly. The following is one of my favorite ways to grill vegetables. This recipe can be turned into kabobs for any of your vegetarian friends. Just add some fresh herbs like basil in between the vegetables after they finish grilling for extra flavor.

Chef Kris’s Grilled Farm Fresh Vegetables

Vegetables of your choice (even carrots are great on the grill)
Sweet onions, hardy greens, and hot peppers are great additions
Aged balsamic vinegar
Extra virgin olive oil (EVVO)
Salt and Pepper (flavored salts like lime or garlic add extra punch)

Be sure to clean the vegetables and slice them no thinner than ¼ of an inch, but no larger than ½ an inch. Slice some on the bias being sure to cut all vegetables the same size to promote even cooking. Pour ¼ cup EVOO and one tablespoon balsamic in a bowl. Add salt and pepper leaving the flavored salt until later. Roll your vegetables in the mixture and place on a drying rack. Make sure your grill is at least 375-400 degrees and place your vegetables directly on the grill. Many people will slice their vegetables small and use a grill pan. I do not prefer this method as it loses the grill char. Char adds the most flavors when the natural sugars of the vegetables cook. Grill until tender and set aside. At this time, you can add your flavored salt or a simple squeeze of lemon to add the final flavor pop. Wait until you taste this recipe…you’ll want to start grilling year round.



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